Business Plan Development

Business Plan Development Services

A business plan is a document that serves as a guide to the development of a business, a clear and concise document that tells the complete story about the business.

Anton Associates will begin by providing professional consultation reviewing and outlining the strengths and weaknesses of the plan and offering customized suggestions to enhance the plan; evaluating the feasibility of the business idea. Assist in researching and creating a competent business plan, outlining the viability of the business and supports necessary.

Areas of support will include:

  • Creative development and research, business planning and executing plan
  • Daily operations
  • Financing, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Legal Services
  • Mentoring
  • Recommendation to the viability of the business based on analysis

Business Plan to include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Profile
  • Management Plan
  • Product and/or Services Descriptions
  • Long Term Objectives
  • Marketing Plan
  • Results of Research
  • The Market
  • Competition
  • Marketing Strategies
    • Product
    • Pricing
    • Place
    • Promotion
  • Operations Plan
  • Risk Analysis
  • Start-Up Requirements
  • Action Plan
  • Financial Statements
    • Sales Forecasts
    • Income Statement Forecasts
    • Cash Flow Forecasts

Charge for Self Employment & Business Plan Services: $55.00 per hour

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