Student Testimonials

Jeraldine Berry (Customer Service and Hospitality Training Graduate)
“Anton Associates specializes in developing and implementing customized training programs and has the best employment placement success rates. Weekly job search at Dover Library gained me the pleasure of attending and completing Hospitality/Customer Service Satisfaction training with Mrs. Neva Anton. The four week course was very informative and fun. After working for my last company for eighteen and a half years, I needed some support in helping me gain my interview and customer service skills. Neva worked with us as a group and individually to build our customer service skills, interviewing skills, and to customize our resumes. I thank her for all of her help in everything she has done to help me gain the knowledge I have achieved to move forward in life and to get back into the work force. She has even purchased supplies such as, resume paper and ink cartridges for my personal computer so I could work from home. After submitting a couple of resumes to companies I did receive and am now waiting for the final results.  Comments from all interviews were very positive and glad to hear. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in job search or just brushing up on resume and interviewing skills. GREAT COURSE!”

Jesse Heineken (Customer Service and Hospitality Training Graduate)
Dear Neva,
It is with great enthusiasm and sincerity that I write this letter. You have changed my life in a very short time. After being unemployed for a year, I started to question my ability to not only get hired but, do the job if I was hired. The way you put so much care and effort into everyone equally no matter how different the backgrounds and diverse life styles was amazing. I have been empowered by you to apply for much higher positions and have been offered every job I interviewed with since meeting you. “Thank you for your continued efforts and I look forward to furthering my personal and professional relationships with everyone in the class.”

Tina Snedeker (Customer Service and Hospitality Training Graduate)
“It has been a pleasure attending this class.  It is something I needed to give me the confidence and tools to secure employment. This program should be available to everyone who is unemployed. Neva is such a lovely person. She has found employment for so many people. After the class was over she still keeps in touch. I can say this has been a wonderful experience.”

Janet Greaves (Customer Service and Hospitality Training Graduate)
“I had the opportunity to attend Anton Associates training for Customer Service and Hospitality Training, in August 2011. I had been interested in attending because my sister attended the training in 2010 and secured employment immediately upon completion. The class was very informative and provided me with the self- confidence and communication skills needed to get back into the work world. Neva took time to develop a one-on-one program with everyone in the class. Neva is still meeting with the class and doing follow up to see our progress. I would recommend this program for anyone interested in seeking employment.”

Brenné Shepperson, MBA (Collections Training Graduate)
“The Collection’s Training developed by Anton Associates delivered as promised.  It was informative and practical which made it useful in securing a job offer.  One of the things that set this training apart was the confidence that I gained through the various hands-on and real-world exercises. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in working in the collection’s industry.”

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