DVR Services

Anton Associates is one of Delaware’s leading Employment Placement Service Provider’s. For referral information, please visit the DVR website:

Anton Associates offers the following additional services:

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation & Division of Visually Impaired Services: Movement toward sustained employment continues to be our highest priority in the provision of services offered at Anton Associates. Our purpose has been to help people become prepared for and obtain employment, by providing the highest quality employment services to individuals so they successfully transition into the community workforce. “We have been providing individualized job search services to DVR since 2004, and remain committed to providing excellent service. Promoting economic self-sufficiency for individuals through career development services and employment-related support continues to be our main mission”, Neva Anton.



Job Development COST: $ 400.00

Job Placement COST: $ 1,200.00

Job retention and Monitoring of Employment on the following schedule:    — 30 day Job Retention and Monitoring with report
— 60 day Job Retention and Monitoring with report
— 90 day Job Retention and Monitoring with report
COST: $1,000.00


Life/Work Planning Training
Interpersonal Abilities; Effective Communication and Active Listening Skills; Situational Problem-Solving, Work Ethics; Conflict Resolution, Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Keeping a Job, Time Management, Appropriate Work Behaviors and Respect, Financial Management, Family Education and Personal Wellness.

Career Enhancement Training
Setting Goals, Creating a Resume and Cover-Letter; Gathering Work and Personal References; Learning how to fill out an application; Learning how to do an on-line application; Learning the most effective strategies for job searching; Cold Calling and Canvassing for employment opportunities; Preparing for the Interview; Interview Outfit and Appropriate Work Attire; Preparing a Thank You Letter; Follow-up After the Interview and staying motivated and employed.

COST: $400.00 a week per person, total 18 hours